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Nutraceuticals for Animals

Human health starts with the food on which it survives. It is therefore of paramount importance that the farm animals we eat should be healthy and of the highest quality.

IMBT will provide a range of insect nutraceuticals that enhance animal health, through the provision of a range of naturally produced vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, protein, trace elements and antimicrobial peptides. In chickens the insect feed will help eliminate feather pecking, as the innate predisposition to peck and be rewarded is satisfied! The nutraceuticals will boost protection against fungal, viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases.


Nutraceuticals for People

To provide the 'immune vitamins` that are lacking in many intensively produced foods , IMBT will produce a range of insect based nutraceuticals / functional foods that boost human immune systems and assist the body in its fight and defense against fungal, viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases and the ills that accompany them.




IMBT will provide an alternative to current antibiotics with its new range of insect-sourced AMPs.



Producing vaccines

IMBT will produce a new range of vaccines that inactivate the pathogen with AMPs but still leaves it capable of inducing a long-term memory adaptive immune response, and that does not involve the presentation of live vaccines to potentially immuno-compromised individuals.  IMBT technology does not involve genetic manipulation.


Wound Therapy
Wound Therapy

IMBT will provide a range of wound dressings that incorporate an array of antimicrobial peptides that keep the wound clean of infection, recruit host lymphocytes and repair cells to the injury and assist the recovery process.


Wound Therapy

IMBT will provide a range of fertilizers that give slow release nitrogen,whilst enhancing root growth development and plant health, improve soil structure and assist in water soil retention.



Strategic Advantages

The technology is environmentally benign.

It does not incorporate GM technology.

It does not lead to bacterial resistance.

It supplements the host's immune system and does not compromise it as with TNFα blockers. It offers sustainable solutions for healthcare and the management and recycling of biological waste.

Unlike conventional antibiotics , AMPs do not cause septic shock. AMPs are not indiscriminate and do not destroy natural gut bacterial fauna.


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